Accessibility at Boundless

Service Dogs

Per the site management, only official Service Dogs, as recognized by federal law, are allowed on the property. Absolutely NO OTHER PETS/ANIMALS allowed on site—this includes emotional support animals, which are not federally recognized.

  • If you arrive with an animal other than a federally-recognized Service Dog, per site management, you will NOT be admitted to the property. If you have any questions, please email
  • If you wish to bring your federally-recognized Service Dog to Boundless, please email, ahead of the event, so that we may connect you with property management for a brief conversation. Please let us know the specific task that your dog is trained to do (you are not required to describe your disability). When you arrive at the property, you may again be asked if the dog is a Service Animal that is required due to a disability, and what type of work or task the dog has been trained to do.

Mobility/Wheelchair Accessibility

The property on which Boundless retreat takes place—a countryside camping resort established in the 1870s—is charmingly rustic and rugged. Though not required to be ADA compliant, the property does have some limited accessibility features, and many of their events are attended by guests using wheelchairs:

  • Tent camping: Boundless is largely a tent-camping retreat, and attendees must bring their own camping gear (we hope to offer pre-set up tents, aka. “glamping,” in the near future).
  • RV and car camping: We offer a limited number of RV and car camping spaces, available for an extra fee. These must be reserved in advance of the event, and are sold on a first come, first served basis. RVs are defined as a vehicle containing a toilet; car camping is defined as sleeping in or alongside your car, van, or unhitched trailer. There are no hookups nor power. (Please note: RV/car camping parking spaces tend to sell out quickly.)
  • Cabins: Cabins are reserved for staff and presenters; it is unlikely that we will have any available to guests. Most cabins have steps leading up to the entry, some without handrails. Cabins including shared restrooms have narrow access/turning radius, and no bars—this includes the one cabin with ramp access. Most cabins contain a power outlet and lighting.
  • Bunk Bedrooms: Bunk beds are upstairs in the Main Lodge, which does not have an elevator or lift, and therefore is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Hotels: Boundless relies on the intimacy and safety of participants staying on site. If you have physical/medical needs that make tent camping inaccessible, we invite you to reach out to the nearby hotels recommended by property management. For a list of hotels, please email (Note: Boundless does not offer hotel booking services, nor do we discount your retreat tickets if you stay at a hotel.)
  • Shuttle service: Paths are unpaved and can sometimes be bumpy, and one of our classroom/play spaces is up a gentle slope, so we offer an around-the-clock shuttle cart, with driver, for those needing assistance getting around the property. (Note: Shuttle service is restricted to the property; there is no off-property shuttle.)
  • Main Lodge/dining room: The historic Main Lodge and its surrounding deck, where we serve meals, is wheelchair accessible via a ramp. However, the restroom/shower has no bars, and may be too narrow for wider chairs.
  • Dungeon spaces: The community room that houses our indoor dungeon is wheelchair accessible, and has fully accessible restrooms with bars; however, there are no showers in this building. The outdoor dungeon space has a loose gravel floor, but is otherwise accessible. There are nearby roll-up showers, which are outdoors, but the restrooms have no bars.
  • Yurt: The Yurt, which we use as one of our play and classroom spaces, is a short distance up the road, accessible via ramp. The Yurt does not have a restroom or shower.
  • Swimming pool and hot tub: The swimming pool and hot tub areas are wheelchair accessible; however, while they do have handrails along the steps into the pools, neither have lifts.
  • Restrooms and showers: Wheelchair-accessible showers are outdoors by the swimming pool. The indoor poolside restrooms may be entered by wheelchair, but they do not have bars, and the shower stalls have a 6–7″ threshold. The only fully accessible-compliant restrooms are across the property in the community room/indoor dungeon space.

For further questions, please email email