Bringing A Scene Together: With Impact, Energy and Headspaces – Targon

This talk is about making scenes better. Scenes are about connection for me. They are about being in the moment with a play partner. Tops steer a bottom through a scene with their actions, attitude, energy and voice. Bottoms influence the scene with their reactions and emoting. When a scene is working well you establish a private bubble where the entire world disappears for a while. This talk is about doing this with impact, energy and head spaces in a single scene. I will include some things to do before a scene starts and some basic psychological techniques, used to make scenes hotter.

Targon has 22 years of live in master/slave experience as a master. He has been part of the SOJ mentoring program and an extrovert. He has been in the public scene since 2000. His fetishes include rope, singletails, M/s, cotopping and dollification. He moderates the SF D/s Discussion group and has been a member for 10 years. We would love to see you there on our Zoom calls. It meets the 3rd Monday of the month. See our Fetlife group “sfdsdg”.