Bringing A Scene Together: With Impact, Energy and Headspaces

Wednesday, January 20th – 7 pm

This class focuses on making scenes better by fostering connections.

A top can steer a bottom through a scene with actions, attitude, energy and voice, while a bottom influences the scene with their reactions and emoting. Being in the moment with a play partner establishes a private bubble where the entire world disappears for a while.

In this class, Targon will talk about making this bubble happen with impact, energy and head space in a single scene. He will include techniques for pre-scene preparation and some basic psychological techniques.


Targon has 22 years of experience as a live-in master. He has been part of the SOJ mentoring program; an extrovert, he has been in the public scene since 2000. His fetishes include rope, singletails, M/s, co-topping and dollification. He has moderated the SF D/s Discussion group (group name “sfgsdg”) on Fetlife for three years and has been a member for ten years. He currently moderates their regular Zoom meeting (3rd Monday of the month). Targon has also taught rope classes for twelve years.