Classes, Workshops, and Events – Boundless 2019

Friday Events
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Event kick-off & Welcome

8pm – 9pm
Saturday Classes and Workshops

Resourceful Restraints

9:30am – 11:15am

If you possess, or have access to, a belt, a chair, a bed, sheets, a towel, and a handful of pillows and pillowcases, you have all you will need to orchestrate THE HOTTEST bondage control moves you’ve ever seen! Starting from the prospective that the greatest tool you have is your mind and creativity, this workshop will teach how the common object mentioned above, and others, can be manipulated in ways that will make any bedroom or camping space…all the equipment you’ll ever need!

Couples recommended. Please bring a (waist) belt, a towel, a pillow, and a pillowcase.

Intro to D/s Protocols

9:30am – 11:15am

What in the world is protocol; why would anyone do it and why is it so damn hot? In this class you will learn the basics of protocol and how it can be used to develop a deep D/s dynamic. Protocol is a powerful way to bring kink into action in everyday life and achieve your relationship goals together. We look at where to start and how to build a structured, rule based relationship. In this class, you will learn how protocol can deepen intimacy and connection. You will learn a host of possible protocols to deepen power exchange and strengthen your relationship.

Life and relationships are complicated and protocol must work with jobs, family and friends. Your teacher The_Voice will share his successes and failures and help you create a plan that works with your values, commitments and schedule. You will learn how to negotiate and communicate about protocol from the top and bottom and navigate modifying protocol over time.

  • Some topics that will be covered:
  • Understanding a non egalitarian dynamic
  • Negotiating protocol
  • Value-based protocol
  • Dealing with failure and punishment
  • Ways to track, monitor, report and achieve your goals
  • Create a plan for success
  • How to make 24/7 protocol work

There will be instruction on how to work together as a couple to align your values so protocol helps you both have a better and more fulfilling life. After the talk there will be question and answer time with both Dominant and submissive to help understand the experience of both sides.

Porcupine Quills: Pokey & Potent

1:30pm – 4:30pm

The intrigue of a porcupine quill is palpable. Playing with these natural needles can be aesthetically beautiful, and sensationally intense. Learn the practical skills of how to properly clean and prepare your quills, safely use them in scene, different ways to manifest a range of physical and energetic experiences, as well as reflect on the historical use of quills across multiple cultures. We will examine how the physical structure of quills impact scene planning, the evolving and residual chemical play effects, and specific aftercare concerns and techniques. Finally, we will discuss how these tools can be applied beyond sensation or sadism, into performance, stationary art, meditation, and ritual ordeal.

Class will involve demonstration, discussion, and hands-on practice. All levels of experience are welcome, and attendees are invited to participate solo or in pairs or groups. You do not have to participate in order to attend and observe! Instruction on how to minimize risk while assessing allergen sensitivity will be provided, but please contact the instructor in advance if you have specific concerns. Be sure to eat before class, and bring water and a small snack or comfort item for aftercare.

The Art of Ownership

1:30pm – 3pm

“I’m yours.” “You’re mine.” Ownership has a powerful pull for some of us. Many desire to fully possess someone, or give ourselves over to another—maybe for one scene, maybe for absolutely everything. How does one have personal agency and explore owner/property dynamics? How can we reconcile the reality of non-consensual slavery with our fantasies? How can we queer the prevalent images of kinky authority exchange relationships? Is it even possible to play without limits? And here’s the big question: What is it about this that gets you hot? Explore the full spectrum of owner/property fantasies, from scene-only dirty talk to collared pups to 24/7 Master/slave relationships, and find a style that works for you!

Dirty Talk Game Show

2:30pm – 4:00pm

The Dirty Talk Game Show pits four naughty-tongued panelists say just the right naughty thing, before the other panelists steal the clock and finish it up right.

In turn each naughty panelist is given a topic to talk about for sixty seconds without repeating themselves, pausing too long, or deviating from the subject (They can be deviants, they just can’t deviate from the subject). If they do any of that, the other panelists pounce and steal the timer and finish it out. The winner with the most naughty points will be crowned the Filthiest Mouth of Boundless 2019!

Hot and Safe Surrender: Giving and Receiving

3pm – 4:30pm

Healthy Power Exchange dynamics take commitment, work, and a well-rounded toolbox. Even those who have a lot of experience on one or both sides of the slash can fall into behaviors that are damaging to themselves, their partners and/or their dynamic. This class will focus on differentiating between healthy power exchange and behaviors stemming from coercion of oneself or one’s partner(s). We will discuss prevention; warning signs that dynamics have crossed into the territory of abuse; and healing. You will leave with information about specific resources that you can access. Class will include ample opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussion and exercises designed to illuminate and explore this topic.

Going Primal: The S/M of Hands

4:30pm – 5:30pm

One of the greatest toys a Top possesses is not in their toy bag! The S/M of Hands is a high-powered workshop that will cover:

  • Grabbing
  • Spanking
  • Slapping
  • Pressure Points and
  • Body Punching

Master Hines will discuss the primal and spiritual significance of using your hands and demonstrate how these techniques can create great connection between Tops and bottoms and even lead to mutual catharsis. He will also discuss the potential for these techniques to tap into a natural primal response of rage and resistance and teach what to do to keep your scene and your bottom safe from harm. This is a powerful workshop for beginning to experienced Tops and bottoms, interested in the primal pleasures of S/M.

Aggressive Exchange: Bondage & Control

4:30pm – 6:30pm

Learn rope bondage and body handling techniques that are GREAT for BDSM scenes! All ties and control moves focus on strict, quick, unquestionable compliance. Subjects covered include: the principles of escape proof bondage, mind and body submission, handling bratty and squirmy bottoms, the concepts of ‘pre-action’ versus ‘reaction’ based dominance, the creation of a ‘control space’, the mindset of dominance, and (of course) lots of firm ties!

Couples recommended. Please bring two 10-foot and one 20 to 30-foot lengths of soft cotton, nylon, or hemp rope.

Hacking the Cracker: A Toolkit for Pleasure in Play

4:30pm – 5:30pm

The “cracker” is that bit of string at the tip of a whip that makes that signature sound and touches the bottom. This class is about understanding its component parts in order to create sounds and sensations to enhance your play. It’s about intent; whether sharply intense or deliciously sensual. It’s about a Top and a bottom co-creating a safe, satisfying scene.

In this discussion/demo/participation class we will discuss the what, the why, and the how of crackers so that you can create one or a few crackers for your desired sensation. During the class you will make crackers that are ready to use. Of course a cracker is of little use unless you can tie it on. We will demonstrate a simple method that works on every whip, even those with a braided-in cracker.

This class offers perspectives from both Top and bottom, giving each of you an opportunity to create a unique scene experience.

Bring your questions and ideas and a whip if you have one.

Sunday Classes and Workshops

The Art of Caning

9:30am – 11:15am

This workshop will delight those who have only experienced or perceived caning as an instrument for masochists and sadists. For most people the idea of caning brings up images of sadistic scenes, excruciating pain and extreme marks and bruises. Though these are possible, there are also more sensual approaches to caning. Master Hines give a broad view of caning including:

  • Practice techniques
  • Scene scenarios
  • Styles such as American, English and power caning

This workshop is sure to interest both novice and experienced players, particularly those of you who are afraid of canes or those of you who want to learn more sensual caning techniques.

Healing through Kink

9:30am – 11:15am

When you’re struggling with depression, is kink just the boost you need in mood or is it a crutch to distract you from the real issues? Is consensual non-consent a vehicle to heal trauma or is it like reliving sexual abuse all over again? What does a caring partner do when they trip a landmine in their partner? This workshop will seek to answer common questions about kink and the intersections of mental health. Participants will engage in open Q&A and walk away with real tools to navigate triggers in kink. Kink is already wrongfully stigmatized as being a result of mental health issues, and this presentation will seek to provide resources to break down and remove that stigma.

Feather Quills & Edible Inks

1:30pm – 3pm

We’ve all had our hands at a little feather play. The deft control of gently brushing on the skin, the quick delight of tickling. What else is there to discover? Ready yourself for a a delicious, intuitive, and magical form of sensation play: human canvas ink art. Learn how to construct turkey feather quills and prepare your own colorful and sumptuous edible inks for use on a willing partner, partners, or yourself! Revel in the sensual delight of this exquisite form of play, and enjoy the opportunity to employ your greatest tool – the human body – to create art, tap into your playful side, or manifest powerful sigils and rituals. Then, release the beast and primally devour (or lovingly lick off) these spells cast upon skin. Come prepared for a class that bridges between a safer space for silly and sweet exploration, serious shamanic focus, sensation sluts paradise, and a sure-fire inspiration for the whimsical trickster and eager artist in all of us!

Class will involve demonstration, discussion, and time for hands-on practice. All levels of experience are welcome, and attendees are invited to participate solo or in pairs. You do not have to participate in order to attend and observe! Bring a blanket, yoga mat, or sweatshirt to sit/lay on if allergic to grass, and wear clothing that is layered/removable and black or can get stained.

Kink and Monogamy

1:30pm – 3pm

There’s a misperception that you must be poly in order to play in the kink scene. Sinclair Sexsmith and rife are here to tell you that you can have a fulfilling pervy life no matter how many partners you choose. Practicing kink and D/s in a monogamous framework brings unique challenges and opportunities. Can one person meet all the needs of the other? (Spoiler alert: no). So then how can you get all your kinky needs met when you only play with one person? Longer term relationships can struggle with a difference in sex drives, and that can cause mis-matched needs as well. We’ll brainstorm ways to keep things fresh and exciting when you’re fucking (and flogging) just one person.

Everyday CBT – Erotic control made handy

3pm – 4:30pm

In this interactive workshop, we’ll demonstrate techniques designed to torture and tease the cock and ball area with common household items. With an eye towards the poetic, we’ll discuss important safety considerations, key anatomy info, some rope bondage and sensory techniques, as well as some of the psychological aspects to this powerful arena of play. We’ll also show some more unusual play toys to encourage your play time imagination. 50% discussion & 50% demo / practice. Whether you are interested in giving or receiving, this CBT workshop will be loads of fun!

Please bring a collar if you have one. We’ll provide all the rope that’s needed.

Sensual Connection: Your Journey with a Whip

3pm – 4:30pm

This fast-paced, informative presentation is designed to explore fundamentals that have served us well and will make your growth in kink more satisfying. Our intention is to provide useful information on how to buy an instrument that’s right for you, learn which skills are relevant, and offer guidance on how to safely scene with a partner. Our example is the short whip however you will find that what you learn here will translate to any other implements.

This class is intended for both beginners and more experienced players – Tops and bottoms – exploring techniques and building intimacy through the whip or any other chosen instrument. Ultimately, an intimate scene is about two people exploring themselves and each other that will benefit both.

Throwers: We will discuss the fundamentals of whip selection plus a demo of the most useful throw, both of which will allow you to focus solely on your partner. A few loaner whips will be available for comparison and practice as time permits.

Receivers: We will discuss your primary concerns, personal safety equipment, finding your desired sensations, and communicating during your scene. The more you understand, the more effective your negotiations will be.

Finally, we will demonstrate how both thrower and receiver can fine-tune the whip and the possible sensations via the cracker – the element intended to touch the bottom. My other class, “Crackerology”, will delve deeply into making crackers, tailoring them to your preferred sensation, plus how to change and/or attach a cracker.

This class is designed for both ends of the whip in order to create that special experience for you and your scene partner. Bring a whip if you have one. Most important, bring your questions!

How to Train Your Partner to Cum on Demand

3pm – 4:30pm

Have you always wanted to make your partner cum by simply touching them or commanding them to do so? You really can! The Voice has trained dozens of people to cum with touch, smell, and sound. Anyone can learn to do this practice and the results and rewards are limitless. The class will begin with an introduction to the science of classical conditioning and move on to practically applying the theory to orgasm response training. This can be used to deepen a power exchange dynamic or simply to give your partner unspeakable endless pleasure.

Your teacher will demonstrate his personal training method with tips and tricks to work around any blockages or difficulty. He will show you the powerful effects of the practice to help a submissive become multi-orgasmic, orgasm without any genital touch, orgasm for longer and deeper, and break down all the old conditioning they have about how they cum.

This training requires patience, dedication and can be a path to developing true intimacy or just really fun and hot sex! If you want to take your kink to the next level and gain real control over the mind and body of your partner, this is the class for you. After the talk there will be question and answer time with both trainer and trainee to help understand the experience of both sides.

Fusion Bondage Suspension System

4:30pm – 6:30pm

Learn how to tie the Fusion Bondage Suspension System (FBSS). Designed, utilized and performed by Two Knotty Boys, the FBSS is a rigging technique that works off the physics of the human body, allowing most anyone to be dynamically suspended in rope. The two fundamental ties shown in this workshop are the TKB Hip Harness and the Pony Chest Harness; together these two elements allow your partner to be suspended in a modifiable rig. A rig that can be tilted head up, head down or maintained in a horizontal ‘table top’ position, without having to change or untie a line! Note: Class will included both teaching and demonstration elements.

Seat of Power: Sub Skills & Switch Empowerment

4:30pm – 6:30pm

Discussion topics will include consent practices, communication and negotiation, and an overview of psychology of different approaches to power exchange (including top/bottom, D/s, M/s, service, pet play, and mentorship). Hands on practice with pain management and breath exercises, meditation, and position training intended for all players to develop self awareness, self discipline, and unearth their warrior heart. Class is dedicated to a focus on accessibility for all bodies – as well as the mind and spirit – and reflects on therapeutic benefits of BDSM as well as concerns for long term self-care and corrective exercises. Impact of trauma, disability, and socialization of privileged and marginalized communities is examined while fostering mechanisms of compassion for self, and empathy for others. Explores somatic techniques, theatre drills and primal expression as access points for the seasoned and uncertain switch alike, and introduces concepts surrounding self-collaring, service switching, and nonbinary relationship structures. Leave class with new and revived grounding and empowerment skills, release from socially engendered shame, and intuitive insight to human experiences of both vulnerability, and victory.

2019 Activities in the Works

Bonfire Ceremony
Join Boundless founder Daddy James for a powerful opening ceremony on Friday night. Gather as a community to cleanse the past, set intentions, invoke inspiration, or forge new connections. Prepare to open your heart to the experience of the amazing weekend to come. If you like, bring photos, letters, or other mementos to place in the fire.

Kinky Clothing & Toy Swap
Contribute gently used fetish clothing, toys, and accessories you’ve fallen out of love with and find something new-to-you!

Littles’ Playspace
Enjoy a dedicated playspace for Littles with age-appropriate activities. Littles are encouraged to bring their toys, games, puzzles, storybooks, crafts, and stuffies to share.

Kinky Speed Dating
Meet people, a lot of people, fast. Find people with similar kinks as yours. Find people with whom to explore new kinks. Find people in the community. The evening is about meeting people who complement your kinky appetite and connecting to others in the community. Open to all identities or genders.

Queer Mixer
We’re here, we’re queer – and there’s more of us at Boundless than it may seem. Let’s make a little space and celebrate our overlapping communities. Grab some toast or coffee, and discuss the day’s gay agenda while we wait for the first classes and hot brunch.

Military Training for Kink
Ever wonder what it would be like to institute strict military procedure? Or physical fitness as punishment? Listen up and square it away— in this Period of Instruction, participants will learn from a 10+ year U.S. Army veteran the concepts of military protocol, vernacular, rank structure, stances/positions, facing movements, commands, voice modulation, uniforms, inspection, and physical punishment.

Clit Stroking for Connection
Learn techniques derived from Orgasmic Meditation (OMing), the practice of mindful clit-stroking, to create connection and resonance between you and your partner. There will be a demo and participants are encouraged to bring a partner or pair up in class to practice the techniques. All genders and orientations welcome.

A Little Sting – Intro to Quirts & Martinets
This activity will include a brief history of these stingy, intimate little whips, where they each may land on your scene sensation spectrum, materials, purchasing selection, care and feeding live demo. Materials, tools, and instruction and assistance will be provided for adventurous attendees to build their own high-quality, immediately usable, Boundless keepsake martinet.

Bandage Bondage
Sometimes that cut or bump isn’t quite what we intended. Learn the fundamentals of first aid for dungeons and kinky play and share your own “learning opportunities.”  All levels of first aid experience welcome and encouraged to join us.

Smokin’ Hot – Cigar Play Demo
Learn about Cigars, discover the magic of Cigar Service and how to have fun playing with Cigars. This activity will include a discussion of risks, first aid, consent, and scene negotiation.

Cigar & Whiskey Social
Relax and join other cigar aficionados for a smoke and a drink in the smoking area by the pool. BYOC and there will be some complimentary cigars available.

Does the thought of being tantalized and teased by members of the audience while you sing sound sexy and fun? Have you ever wanted to give a grinding, sexy lap dance while you belt out your favorite tune? Or does singing just make your heart happy? It doesn’t matter what your pleasure is, just come sing!!!