Classes, Workshops, and Events – Boundless 2016

Friday Classes and Workshops

Formal Mocktail Party Featuring Flirting Dirty

8:30pm – 9pm

Let’s be honest, most of us come to these kink weekends because we want to play and fuck. But making it happen in real life can be a lot harder than we want it to be. Do you wish more people would hit on you? How do you make yourself more available? We can all use some practice asking for what we want, but how do you escalate from flirting to foreplay and foreplay to fucking? Learn to perfect the art of the tease, draw out your potential lover’s interest, and make sex even hotter in the process. This special class includes a Flirting Dirty Bingo card/challenge for the weekend!

Saturday Classes and Workshops

How to Be a Successful Male Submissive

10am – 11:30am

What does it mean to be a successful male submissive? How do you find the Mistress Of Your Dreams(tm)? Better yet, how do you figure out and communicate what you want from the scene, and how do you find people with whom to explore those things? In a scene where there has long been a concept of a pyramid with dominant women at the top (the smallest segment) and male submissives at the bottom (the largest segment), how do you, as a submissive man, stand out? How do you get your needs and desires met with honesty and integrity?

NOTE: This class is generally and intentionally aimed at submissive men looking to engage in kinky activities with dominant women. However, this class is open to any and all genders and orientations, as much of the material is applicable to all.

Negotiating for What Matters

12pm – 1:30pm

Negotiating for What Matters an approach to beginning to build truly great and sometimes life-changing play experiences. In this context, “What Matters” is the ways we want to feel, the thoughts we want to have, the ways that the play we are engaged in shifts our internal mental and emotional landscapes. Negotiating for What Matters starts with shifting the conversation (at least initially) away from talking about activities and toward talking about those elusive and sometimes nearly inarticulable internal experiences. This workshop is interactive and practice based. To get the full value, please consider having these types of practice conversations with your co-participants in this safely guided learning container.

The Dance of the Flogger, A Hand-on Workshop


Bring yourself, a play partner or two and your floggers. We will play with intent, approach, quality of touch, breath, rhythm, energy moving, release, closure. This is your opportunity to connect in play, experience flogging both giving and receiving.

Work in pairs or trios. All are welcome. Cleo will bring floggers to use during the workshop should you need one.


Sunday Classes and Workshops

The Art of Ownership

12pm – 1:30pm

“I’m yours.” “You’re mine.” Ownership has a powerful pull for some of us. Many desire to possess someone fully, or give ourselves over to another—maybe for one scene, maybe for absolutely everything. How does one have personal agency and explore owner/property dynamics? How can we reconcile the reality of non-consensual slavery with our fantasies? How can we queer the prevalent images of kinky authority exchange relationships? Is it even possible to play without limits? And here’s the big question: What is it about this that gets you hot? Come explore the full spectrum of ownership, from casual play to 24/7 Master/slave relationships, with Sinclair and rife.

Mental Illness and Power Exchange

3pm – 4:30pm

One in four Americans lives with some form of mental illness. Millions of people live and love successfully with mental illness. In the context of power exchange relationships (D/s and M/s) special considerations need to be taken to make sure a person has the necessary autonomy to care for themselves and the support they need to live with their illness. Mental illness also affects a person’s physical health and abilities to play in the kink community. This class looks at the unique issues of living and loving in the kink community while surviving a mental illness. The class addresses issues like the “Secretary” fantasy of having a Dom(me) command a sub to stop the behaviors associated with mental illness; how to work with a partner who has unique triggers; and negotiating long-term power exchange that is healthy.

Pony Class and Parade

3:30pm – 5pm

Pony play is a long standing tradition in many cultures. Kids and adults alike enjoy playing horse. Tipsy Pony hosted the San Francisco Stampede Munch for a decade and knows much about ponies and other animal role playing. He enjoys sharing the ins and outs of pony. There are as many types of ponies and those that want to be one. Tipsy will cover the basics of being a pony on the cheap or on the high end. There will be a pony cart available to try out All in all pony play can be fun and liberating.


Heart Centered Needle Pull


Join a community ritual to open our heart centers and bring us closer together as mindful individuals and Tribe. Facilitated by Fakir Musafar and Cleo Dubois, variations of this ritual have been used for centuries by Native Americans (the Sun Dance) and other cultures as a way to develop mind/body awareness and connection with others.

The ritual consists of an invocation and invitation for traditional sources of spirit and our own higher selves to join us in creating an ecstatic state. Each participant will be safely pierced in their heart Chakra with two small needles by Fakir or Cleo and attached by a sterilized cord to a common point. Music, chanting and drumming will then propels us to ecstasy. Sound interesting?

If you join this ritual you will be guided every step of the way by experts who have facilitated this ritual for over 30 years in the USA, Canada, England, Portugal, and Italy.

So that they can plan on how many supplies to bring, please complete this questionnaire if you plan to attend, whether you plan to be pierced or not. If you will not be pierced, please bring rattles and drums and your energy.

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Poker Tournament

8pm – 10pm