Classes, Workshops, and Events – Boundless 2017

Friday Classes and Workshops
Boundless Presenter - Anonymous

Event Kick-off and Welcome

8:30pm – 10pm
Saturday Classes and Workshops

Negotiating for What Matters

10am – 11:30am

Negotiating for What Matters offers an approach to beginning to build truly great and sometimes life-changing play experiences. In this context, “What Matters” is the ways we want to feel, the thoughts we want to have, the ways that the play we are engaged in shifts our internal mental and emotional landscapes. Negotiating for What Matters starts with shifting the conversation (at least initially) away from talking about activities and toward talking about those elusive and sometimes nearly inarticulable internal experiences. This workshop is interactive and practice based. To get the full value, please consider having these types of practice conversations with your co-participants in this safely guided learning container.

Single Tails and Other Whippy Things: How to Identify Them; How to Use Them

10am – 11:30am

Find out what whippy thing you’re using, and strange new ways to wield it. Singletails, quirts, floggers, oh my!

You’ve got some interesting leather impact toys, but you’re not sure how to use them, or what they are? You suspect, despite delighted moans from partners, there are more sophisticated means of wielding your lovely new toys? Visit Grizzly for a walk-through of most of the leather items we use in play. This class will include identification of each as well as discussion and demonstration on wriggling rears of how each can be used both simply, and in more exotic ways to oooooh and awe your friends. Plus some attention to how to fling one class of toys with techniques from others (floggers with singletail technique; quirts with flogger technique, etc.)

The Pleasures of Pegging (All Level)

12pm – 1:30pm

Because it’s such a broad topic, Ruby usually teaches The Pleasures of Pegging in two parts – Beginner and Advanced. Because she’s knows her stuff so well, for Boundless Ruby will be merge the two levels and teach to the level of interest and skill of the people who attend. The range of topics includes: anatomy and physiology, safety need-to-know information, misconceptions and fears that prevent couples from trying pegging, prostate health and g-spot similarities, best ways to keep clean, pegging orgasms for all genders, best way to start anal play, best toys and positions, and the role of role reversal. Ruby will also bring an array of toys and harnesses for you to try on and learn about.

Using Your Favorite Tools to Create Passion and Connection

12pm – 1:30pm

Do you seek intimacy and, dare I say, love in your play? Do you want scenes that open both top and bottom, that show something real of ourselves to each other? Do you have favorite tools that you’d like to be able to use to more effectively to receive and create passion and connection? We’ll use a minimum of “woo” to demonstrate and practice techniques that help create intimacy in your play. There’ll be time for discussion and to offer your own ideas too.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • What does it mean to ‘pay attention to’ your partner? How do you do that? We’ll do an exercise in being attentive, with techniques for both tops and bottoms to seamlessly focus on and let your partner know what you’ve noticed.
  • What is your intent? What do you want from this scene, and how do you translate that intent into each touch or impact between the two of you? The attentiveness exercise will also focus on setting, giving and receiving intent with each touch and stroke.
  • A lot of the magic we do happens around the edges, in those moments when what we’re doing consumes us. We’ll do an exercise on how to build intensity in waves toward that moment of overwhelm, creating trust through being attentive and using intent.
  • Most important, passion and connection are about being deeply present in what is actually happening, letting go of what you thought you expected, wanted, or hoped for, and accepting whatever is true in this moment. We’ll pay attention in each exercise to techniques for letting go of expectation and being present to whatever happens in this moment.

Bring a favorite impact toy: flogger, cane, slapper, paddle, belt, hand, something you love. Bring a favorite partner. If you aren’t with a partner this weekend, we’ll help pair people up, without promises and with careful attention to getting, giving and modeling consent.

Build Your Own Kink Rituals

3pm – 4:30pm

Anything we do can be mundane or sacred. It’s a choice, a frame of mind, and a skillset to be able to create that specialness, that sacredness. In this class you will learn how to mark out the important actions and words that create a safe and sacred space in which to experience your kinky connections. Creating rituals also helps to ingrain habits and behaviors that we want to see more of. The beginning of a ritual comes to serve as an anchor that triggers a whole series of other behaviors which then flow effortlessly into each other. Giving thought to what matters to you and what makes a moment special is an art that anyone can learn.

This workshop is mostly not lecture. Rather, each individual will have the opportunity to practice creating a ritual that is meaningful to them.

Impact Toy Clinic

3pm – 4:30pm

Follow up on lessons only chatted over in Grizzly’s Singletail Workshop, by doing an informal outdoors drop in/drop out hands-on clinic. We’ll try to have both stuffies and languid lovelies for targets, and you can either have tutoring to boost your skills or be left to your own personal workout with impact toys.

Singletails, floggers, quirts and the like will be obvious tutoring items, and more. Some loaner impact toys provided by Grizzly. Volunteer target people are encouraged to attend.

Get to the point – Blade Bondage

5pm – 6:30pm

Bright blades with razor sharp edges can add excitement to your scene. If you have a bright and shiny dangerous streak, this is a “must-do” workshop. You’ll learn how to use creative placement of blades to box in your bottom.

Pervertibles & Bargains – Creative Toys, Kinky Gift Baskets, and Kinky Crafts all on a Budget

5pm – 6:30pm

Do you want to get creative with your toy bag for not much money? I have great low cost item ideas for you. This is NOT your “typical pervertibles class” about spatulas and wooden spoons. I am into the serious business of finding unexpected and affordable items that surprise a play partner with something interesting, different and fun. I will also share ideas for gift basket creations and kinky crafts on a budget. Please Let me feed your hungry pervertible minds. See you at class!

Sunday Classes and Workshops

Bondassage for Couples

10am – 1:30pm

Bondassage practitioner TT Baum returns to Boundless to lead the class through a lengthier and more hands-on, experiential workshop. Bondassage is a technique of erotic massage incorporating BDSM play: the recipient, bound in cuffs and restrained to the table, is deprived of their visual and aural senses as they submit to sensation play and sensual massage. A Bondassage session may be as light or deep as participants agree upon; it could be the prelude to a scene, or a pleasure in and of itself.

In addition to demo-ing Bondassage kit basics, perverting everyday household items, and sensual massage techniques, TT will guide you through communication for Bondassage, using your massage table as a bondage frame, and then set aside class play time where you may explore for yourself the pleasure of Bondassage signature sensation play.

Hours 1
Bondassage kit basics, perverting everyday household items
Communication for Bondassage
Using your massage table as a bondage frame
Sensual massage techniques
Bondassage signature sensation play

Hour 2

Hours 3-4
Experimentation and Class Play time with TT as your guide.

Visual Takedowns – The Art of Nonverbal Communication

12pm – 1:30pm

This is a class completely dedicated to being able to stare someone down, convey to them what is on your mind, how you feel and what you need them to do without ever saying a word. Where this might be a class that you would think, it has completely and totally geared toward women I feel strongly that I can teach this exact same skills and talents to any man and they will be able to do the exact same thing put their submissive/slave is in their place with just a glance.


3pm – 4:30pm

Where does pleasure end and pain begin? Where do the two overlap and reinforce the other? We will explore that ever-shifting line between pleasure and pain in this introductory class to cock & ball torture. Thinking about pressure, impact, texture, and temperature, we will create a wide range of sensations and put “pervert-able” household items to good use. Safety concerns will be discussed after a live demo of cock bondage.

Boundless Presenter – Cal


Wax Play with Cal

3pm – 4:30pm

Remember back in middle school when you used to play with candles all the time and “accidentally” spilled the wax on yourself? No? Well let’s just say there are some really fun reasons why some of us never stopped!

Bring all of your questions…What kinds of wax can you use (and are they all so expensive?) How hot should it be? How hot is too hot? Where can I put it? How can you heat it up without flame? How can you mix it with other types of play (like “how do wax & ice work together?”) and whatever else grabs your curiosity.