Feral Kitten – Workshop Presenter

Boundless Presenter – Feral Kitten

Feral Kitten

Feral-Kitten ~ Proud LGBTQ, Pan/Poly, Leather, Multi-Faceted, Female Kitten who enjoys making friends and connecting with the loving and open hearted. She has been “OUT” in the LGBTQ”K” community for more years than wants to state. The added “K” is for Kink, as she’s never considered it separate. She is thankful to have lived in the Bay Area her whole life, and enjoys it’s great diversity.

Feral-Kitten attends events from the Bay Area to Sacramento & beyond. She is an artistic person who loves to paint, create & craft all kinds of things, including kinky items. After a long history of private kink she has become more actively involved in the Kink Community these past 10 years or so. She is a member & volunteer with Society of Janus, and a member of the California Central Valley Leather Alliance. She is proud to be a Co-Host of The Vacaville Munch and also a presenter. Feral-kitten is a prior attendee of Boundless. She’s excited about presenting at Boundless this year and opening your minds to the pervertible side of everyday items.

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