TT Baum – Workshop Presenter

Boundless Presenter – TT Baum

TT Baum

TTBaum is a Sacred Intimate, Sex Educator, and Bondassage Trainer based in San Francisco. He has been dubbed a pleasure activist and a warrior of love. TT’s path to sexual awakening began over a decade ago. He has refined a powerful style of erotic facilitation that integrates his own sexual research with the teachings of his mentors (among them, Joseph Kramer, PhD., Annie Sprinkle, PhD. and Barbara Carellas).

TT is a founding member of the Embodiment Arts Collective in San Francisco. He leads several Tantra based workshops that explore desire and touch, as well as Bondassage for Couples workshops, and private Bondassage certification for professionals. In 2017, he has begun transforming his popular series of sex education classes for men into a book: How to F*#k Better: A Sex and Intimacy Guide for Men Who Love Men.

You can find out more about what he does at his website:

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