Raven and Karyn – Workshop Presenter

Boundless Presenter – Raven and Karyn

Raven and Karyn

Recently celebrating their 9 year anniversary, Karyn and Raven are joyful advocates of connected, caring, mind-melting, brain-bending sex. If you’ve never really understood how two women could have fulfilling sex (but what do they do in bed?), let us explain – or better yet – demonstrate!

Karyn maintains that if “adorkable” wasn’t an thing, she would get no play at all. She doesn’t consider herself as heavily into BDSM but rather, sees herself as a utility infielder of kink. Conversely, Raven is approaching her 20th anniversary as a self-proclaimed pervert. She identifies as a queer, sadomasochistic switch. Raven also thinks that three-piece suits on hot butch women are basically wrapping paper (and luckily has an erogenous zone where brainy and goofy collide.)

You may know Raven from her work as Boundless’ Food Coordinator and as a Conduct Team member. Karyn plays a supporting role in both of these endeavors, while reminding Raven to eat and play. The combination of Raven’s drive to contribute to community and Karyn’s identity in a caretaker role has evolved this year such that they will be sharing with all interested attendees a topic near and dear to both of their hearts: Vaginal Fisting!

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