Raven Darknights – Workshop Presenter

Boundless Presenter – Raven Darknights

Raven Darknights

Like most ravens, anything shiny piques my interest and razors and blades are tops on my list of fetish gear. I’ve been playing with knives since I was kid and doing kinky play since longer than most ravens live. (You don’t really want my age do you?) My interest in razors specifically began about 10 years ago when I acquired a vintage 1960 Gillette Fat Boy adjustable double edge razor that I still use regularly. I’ve since expanded my fetish to cut-throat razors, badger brushes and sharpening stones. I consider myself a service top in bdsm play and am currently exploring the intricacies of the M/s scene.

I like the tension of between and enjoy the flirtation and negotiation as much as the eventual physicality. I am chivalrous, romantic, sensual, strong and handsome. I am butch top energy that responds to femme bottom energy but define myself as genderqueer. I love chivalry, am fascinated by the sensual and enjoy an elegant esthetic.

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