Food, Meals, and Dining

“The food was unbelievably good! What I liked most about it was that there was a chance to sit down and really talk to people and get to know them, something that does not happen at bigger festivals.”

For everyone with specific question regarding food, or with allergies, or other specific food needs, please contact us at Short answer: Yes – we can probably accommodate your needs. Please contact us SPECIFICALLY if you are: vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, soy free, gluten free, or have any food allergies (remember – an event with no ambulances involved is much more enjoyable.) We have to plan special for all of these food needs – and knowing AHEAD OF TIME how much food we need of specific varieties is important. Also – you’ll miss out on having special items (like veggie friendly meat, or vegan specialties) as we put them aside special so that the omnivores don’t take them all… So yes – reach out please:

To reduce waste, we are asking that all attendees bring their own drinking vessels. Coffee cups and drinking glasses, folks. And remember – non-breakable is the best! (No glass, or ceramics inside the pool fence!)

That said:

Relax: This is not the weekend to worry about food.

You can’t play on an empty stomach. But we want you to have more time to play – and less worry about how food is going to happen. There’s no hustling, no synchronizing watches, or coordinating plans to meet up, to put on street clothes, and head out from the hotel for lunch. This is a fully catered retreat.

You don’t need to purchase, prep, cook or clean up after meals (cleaning up after yourself is needful – but there’s no pot scrubbing, unless you really want to!) There’s a fully staffed, amazing, catering team who wants to take care of our needs.

Dining is a communal activity where there are no seating arrangements and we encourage meeting new people as part of the dining experience. This is a great way to socialize with your fellow Bounders in a relaxed atmosphere. You’ll be surprised who you’ll meet, what you’ll learn, and possibly find a fun partner to play with later on.

Meals which are included for all attendees will be served from Friday Dinner Through Monday breakfast. Meals are often served buffet style – so you choose what gets added to your plate. We can give you a list of what type of food we are going to serve – but that doesn’t convey the incredible quality, taste and flavor our chefs manage to serve us. Here’s some of the options you can expect: Hearty hot breakfasts with eggs, breakfasts meats, toast and bagel bar, fresh fruit, cereals and granola, yogurt.

Lunches of Pad Thai shrimp and Asian inspired salad. Mediterranean Meza with all the fixings.

Backyard BBQ of sausages and hamburgers with all the fixings, Chicken Tika Masala with Chana Dahl and roasted butternut squash, Roast Chicken with mashed potatoes and veg.

Homemade desserts are placed on the side table in the main lounge area.

In addition to the catered meals – there’s a stocked snack bar outside of the dungeon. There are mocktails Friday night, smores at the camp fire, and midnight gourmet grilled cheeses on Saturday.

What if we had a surprise nap and missed lunch? Have some other meal emergency – let an organizer know, and we’ll make every effort to get you provisioned until the next meal is served.