Food, Meals, and Dining

Here’s our motto about food at Boundless, “One should eat to live, not live to eat.” – Moliere

This is your vacation and cooking can be such a hassle: shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleanup. Let’s be honest, we’d rather enjoy each other’s company and dine in the great outdoors. Oh, we will eat well this weekend. Meals (included for all attendees) will be served Friday through Monday. Here’s a sampling of what to expect during mealtime:

  • hearty breakfasts of eggs, french toast, bacon, granola, fruit
  • glorious lunches of a burrito/taco bar, grilled sausages and veggie burgers, salad bar
  • sumptuous dinners with roasted salmon, quinoa pilaf, chicken tikki masala, braised tofu in mushroom gravy
“The food was unbelievably good! What I liked most about it was that there was a chance to sit down and really talk to people and get to know them, something that does not happen at bigger festivals.”

All food is prepared on site by our hired chefs. Each meal will have a selection of omnivore and veggie options. Coffee/tea and snacks will always be available at a grab and go bar.

Dining is a communal activity where there are no seating arrangements and we encourage meeting new people as part of the dining experiences. This is a great way to socialize with your fellow Bounders in a relaxed atmosphere. You’ll be surprised who you’ll meet, what you’ll learn, and possibly find a fun partner to play with later on.