Harnessing Your Creativity for Kink – Auntie Vice

The most satisfying and fun kink scenes are personalized for the players. Creating a custom scene, something special and unique, requires some planning and creativity. This class will provide you with ways to harness your personal creativity and tastes to expand your kink play in ways most satisfying to you!

Think you are lacking the creativity needed to create a unique kinky scene? There is no such person! We all have forms of creativity. It may be expressed through crafting and the arts, or as designing elaborate spreadsheets, or in the way you dress. This class will help you locate the source of your creativity and how to use that source to shape your kinky play.

Participants will discuss where creativity comes from, how to find their own inspiration for creative projects, and how to use these things to shape their kinky play. We will discuss pervertables and other creative ways to to integrate creativity into your toy bag. The class covers both designing kinky play and shaping your day-to-day kink such as protocols, sexting and other fun ways to keep your relationships spicy!

The goal of this class is to help participants find personal inspiration to shape their future play and to find the joy of their kink.

People with all levels of kink experience and all levels of “arts and crafts” drives are welcome to attend. The class will include worksheets and at-home exercise guides to help participants channel their inspiration long after they leave the class.

Auntie Vice (aka Rebecca Blanton) is a writer, blogger, and performer. Her work focuses on kink, BDSM, gender. She has published multiple nonfiction and erotic fiction works in the BDSM genre and has an award-winning kink blog. She has been a finalist for the Golden Flogger Award in nonfiction. She holds a Ph.D. (abd) in political psychology and approaches her kink writing from a research and academic perspective.