You have been PERSONALLY invited to participate. One of the biggest manifestations of Respect and Reciprocity is participating in the necessary work of this event.

In a group, it’s easy to assume that “someone else” will wash the sink full of dishes after dinner, or clean up the lawn on Sunday morning while you eat breakfast and break camp. Your participation shows respect for the organizers, for your fellow campers and for Boundless, by volunteering for a shift doing trash patrol, kitchen duty or greeting. If you like, you can be an all-around star, and try your hand at everything!

Reciprocity and respect manifest when you wash not only your dishes, but the other 10 dishes in the sink, as well. Grab a bag and do spontaneous acts of trash patrol. Assume that you are the “someone else” who can take care of the something that needs to be done. There is no reason to be heroic in your efforts, just pay attention to the space around you, and own it. It is simultaneously yours, mine, and ours!

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