RVs, Trailers, and Vehicle Camping

While many Bounders will pitch tents in the ample grounds of the site, some opt to bring camping vehicles. RVs, trailers, trucks, and vans for vehicle camping are welcome but the space for them is limited and must be reserved prior to the event.

NOTE: Non-camping vehicles (e.g., the car you drive up in but don’t sleep in) will park in the parking lot at no extra charge.

A number of you will be bringing your own hotel-on-wheels. To accommodate this we have a few policies to make your arrival smooth. Please carefully read the rules and info below. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact Boundless.


There is a fee for camping vehicle spaces. A camping vehicle space ticket must be purchased to reserve a space for a camping vehicle (please provide your vehicle length when reserving a space).

  • $70 – RV Camping space (RV is defined as a vehicle that has a toilet)
    • There are five spaces for >28′ long RVs
    • There are seven spaces for 25′ – 28′ long RVs
  • $50 – Car Camping space (for vehicles that have no toilet)
    • There are fourteen car camping spaces

Note that vehicle camping space reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. Reserve yours soon! You must include your vehicle length when reserving a vehicle spot.

Upon Arrival / Setup

The land is fairly flat, the ground hard, and fairly easy to maneuver. There are no RV hookups at the site (no power, water, or drainage for vehicles); just dirt and grass.

Car camping spaces can accommodate vehicles or trailers (unhitched) 20 feet long or less, longer ones must be in RV spaces. For RV spaces the maximum length is 35 feet for the longest space available. Some RV spaces are shorter.

You may pitch a tent in line with your vehicle (not to the side) in a car camping space if the combined length does not exceed 21 feet.

Unfortunately, tents, awnings, and sliders in RV spaces cannot be accommodated due to space restrictions. There will be space between them for partial awning deploy or chairs, but we have to ensure that all RV campers can get their vehicles in place.

If you have a trailer, we ask that you place it, unhitch it, and park the tow vehicle in the lot.


As a courtesy to the community, generators can be run between noon and 8 p.m. everyday, with a sound limit of 80db at 10 feet.