Smashing Stigma: Mental Health and Kink – Devyn Stone

Thursday, August 5th (rescheduled from June 16) – 7 pm

Despite growing awareness of mental health in kink and leather circles, stigma around various kinds of neurodivergence remains. Devyn Stone, founder and producer of THRIVE, reviews the history of consent and neurodivergence in kink, from RACK and SSC to the DSM. He invites participants to explore the diversity of the human mind in its myriad of forms, even those more feared and stigmatized than others.
Devyn Stone is a self-awareness and BDSM educator, author, and alternative lifestyles coach. He dreams of globe trotting and helping folx achieve the connections they desire, while they learn themselves more deeply. He has been actively practicing authority transfer dynamics since 2004

Devyn has a passion for giving and receiving education; his favorite topics are psychology, negotiation, consent, relationship construction, and organization. He is the Founder of Pragmatically Kinking, where members discuss the practical aspects of BDSM, and THRIVE, a virtual conference dedicated to the intersection of mental health and BDSM.