Virtual Event Code of Conduct

Dear Bounders,

Inclusion and consent are two of Boundless’ core values.  We strive to create safe spaces for community members to learn, explore, and grow interpersonal relationships around kink.  We’ve recently become aware of a few instances in which virtual event attendees received unsolicited and unwanted private chats from another attendee.  Also, there was another incident in which an attendee was misgendered several times during an event.

To minimize such incidents in the future, we’re implementing the Identification and Boundaries guidelines that we use at our virtual play parties across all of our events, including our Classes and Happy Hour.  Please take a moment to review these guidelines.


  • Check your user name.   Zoom displays the names of all participants, so if you prefer to use a scene name, you will need to update your name field by clicking on “Participants”, hovering over your name and selecting “More” and “Rename”.
  • Not every event participant is open to interaction or comments.  Please update your preferred interaction type in your name field and respect the preferences of other attendees:
    • Green (G) – open to accepting comments and interaction via chat without being asked first.  If someone asks you to stop interacting with them, you must stop.
    • Yellow (Y) – ask first before beginning an interaction, e.g., “Are you open to chatting?” If someone says “no” or asks you to stop interacting with them, you must stop.
    • Red (R) – NOT open to accepting comments or interaction via chat.  This person will reach out to others IF and when they want to interact.
  • Please include your preferred pronouns in your name field.  Please be aware of and refer to others by their preferred pronoun.


Example:  (G) Mistress Kay – she/her

Please remember that if you experience a conduct issue during an event, you may private chat with the Host or any other Boundless team member.  If you need to report a conduct issue after an event, please email

Thank you for doing your part to keep the Boundless community a safe, sexy, and kinky space!

With love,
The Boundless Org Team