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Boundless Presents “Mardi Gras”

February 25 @ 7:00 pm - February 26 @ 12:00 am PST

Boundless Presents "Mardi Gras"

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, February 25, 2023
7pm-12:00am PDT
Price: $0-55

Private Venue
Oakland, CA 94609


  • Ticketing for this play party will end on Friday, February 24th at 10pm, or when tickets sell out.
  • Final location details will be emailed to all attendees 6 hours before the event.
  • All attendees must have a ticket in their name matching a government issued ID.
  • Attendees can provide their preferred name / scene name that we will call you at the event check-in.
  • Age Limit: Our play party events are 18+ events.

Come Experience the Hedonistic Pleasures of Mardi Gras

Join us for an evening of kink and karnival, a night of hedonism and pleasure, long remembered. We encourage you to drape yourselves in our theme of purple, gold, and green. Be you beaded or bedazzled, you must be street legal before stripping in. Masks and manacles, doms, dungeons and doubloons. Be bold with your bawdy bead bartering! Our Mardi Gras celebration will stir the soul of February.

Our last three parties have SOLD OUT in the weeks before the event, so you are not going to want to wait to get your tickets and secure your spot for Mardi Gras.

What You Can Expect

We expect that all your favorite kinksters will be making an appearance at Mardi Gras to revel and enjoy the evening.

We will have our fully equipped dungeon, cuddle and conversation areas, plus a multi-head communal shower and dry sauna for your enjoyment. Doors open at 7pm and the party closes at 12am, so there should be plenty of time for socializing, spanking, flogging, tying, sex, and relaxing in our sauna.

Event Schedule

  • 7:00pm      Doors open for COVID testing and socialization
  • 7:15pm      Any first time attendees still requiring orientations should arrive no later than this time
  • 7:30pm      Space Opens for Play
  • 7:50pm      Orientation session for required attendees
  • 9:00pm      Doors close – no arrivals after this point
  • 12:00am    Party Ends


Music will be provided by our DJ Roxwell, and a second guest DJ, all evening to help set the mood for the evening’s events.

FOOD & Beverages

Boundless will be providing plenty of snacks and refreshing, non-alcoholic beverages for you to help keep your spirits up throughout the evening.

  • No alcohol is allowed inside of the venue 
  • We encourage guests to bring their own sealable drinking containers for water

First Time Attendees

Boundless is a consent based and sex-positive organization and sharing that culture with all of our guests is very important to us. If you are a first-time attendee a kink even or this is your first time attending a Boundless play party,  you must attend one of our Virtual Pre-Party Orientations prior to attending the event.

We are offering two pre-party orientation sessions.

We strongly encourage all first-time attendees to attend one of the virtual orientations to speed your entry into the party. If you do not attend one of the virtual orientations prior to the event, you will be required to do so on the evening of the event and will delay your entry into the event. 

House Tops Available

We will have two house tops available from 8-10:15 that are available for you to discuss and negotiate play with if you desire. If you are new to the scene, or are perhaps attending the party solo, this might be a great way for you to get to play and explore.

There will be sign-up sheets at the event to arrange sessions with the house tops.


Ravvenx - House Top<br />


Available 8:15-9:30pm

Ravvenx, is newly minted Mistress who delights in attuning to their play partners’ pleasure and needs, by amplifying their sensations through a mixture of sensual and sadistic play. She is an intuitive and natural Dominant who believes in healing properties of a highly negotiated BDSM play. She can be as fierce as a storm that will thrash against your body and possibly even your soul, or can be as sensual as a summer rain trickling over your naked prostrate body.

She is open to both experienced, as well as novice, submissives and bottoms who desire to allow her to exercise and enhance my skills as a Dominant. Pleasing Ravvenx through your surrender may very well be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. 

Kinkabilly - House Top


Available 9:30-10:45pm

Kinkabilly, aka Geoff, has been involved in the BDSM scene since the mid 90’s. Early on he was more an observer than a participant, and has taken a more proactive role in the past six years during which time he has fine-tuned his skills as an impact top. He leans less on the sadistic side and has adopted more of a role as a nurturing Daddy and helps guide people through their experience. This is a perfect role for those individuals just coming into the BDSM scene, or need frequent check ins and extra care.

Miss Nyxie

Miss Nyxie

Available 10:30-11:45pm

Miss Nyxie has decades of experience as a sex worker, fetish content producer, educator, and Domme. She loves the connection and space that play creates,  which is unique to each D/s dynamic and each scene. She specializes in impact, ball busting, degradation, humiliation, tickling, squashing and compression. She has a unique flair for finding the silliness and humor in scenes and breaking away from the stern Domme persona into something more ridiculous, playful, but no less threatening! 

She prides herself on negotiating scenes to really bring out the best in those who submit to her, and learning from each new experience and play partner. 

If you seek a beating or tickle torture, or something in between, look no further. 

COVID Policy

For the safety of you and our community members, vaccines are mandatory for attendance at this event. Additionally, we will be following guidelines for this event:

  • Vaccination Status: You will need to provide proof that you are fully vaccinated + at least one booster and photo ID at the door.
  • Antigen testing will be required at the door. You may bring an unopened test with you, or purchase one along with your ticket. A negative test result at the door will be required for entrance to the event.
  • If you test positive for COVID at the door, you will not be allowed entry, and a credit for another Boundless event will be offered.
  • Mask Mandates: We will follow the local regulations in effect at the time of the event.

If there are medical reasons why you cannot meet the vaccination requirements, please contact us at Registration@boundlessevents.org.

Here are a few additional notes that should be considered:

  • Unless you purchase a COVID test kit in advance of the party, all attendees are expected to bring their own unopened test kit to the party. We will have a limited number of kits available for sale at the event.
  • You will need to conduct the test in front of one of our greeters during check-in. 
  • We understand that there are still risks associated with attending larger, in-person events and, while we do our best to provide a safe environment, there is still a risk for COVID at the event. The choice to attend the party is yours.
  • If you are uncomfortable with, or cannot meet these requirements, we look forward to having you attend another party with us at a later date.

Monkey Pox Policy

Monkeypox is a disease caused by a virus (monkeypox virus) not commonly seen in the United States. Monkeypox can cause a rash which may look like pimples or blisters, sometimes with a flu-like illness. While the CDC works to contain the current outbreak and learn more about the virus, it is important that you have information so you can make informed choices when you are in spaces or situations where monkeypox could be spread.

For this party we are recommending the following:

  • Avoid our event if you have experienced any Monkeypox symptoms within 3 weeks of the event. If you need to cancel, we will offer a credit to a future party if you have already purchased your ticket(s).
  • Please ensure that you are cleaning equipment surfaces with disinfectant before & after you play on them. Cleaning is sexy!
  • As part of your safer sex discussions, please ask about and share any recent illness or unexplained rashes on you or your partner’s bodies.
    If you plan to use any of the cuddle spaces, we suggest that you bring your own bed linen. We will also have available our own bed linens that have been cleaned before the event.
  • If you plan to use the sauna, we are asking you to bring your personal sandals or flip-flops and a towel to use on the benches.
  • Please be cautious of using someone else’s toys or gear, or loaning yours out.

Ticketing Terms and Conditions

When purchasing tickets, the following Terms and Conditions apply. Boundless Events reserves the right to cancel tickets for any reason.


  • Each attendee must have a ticket issued in their name to be allowed entry to the event.
  • Each attendee’s registered name must match their government issued ID, which will be checked at the door.
  • All attendees will be required to read and agree to Boundless’ Consent and General Event Guidelines.
  • All attendees will be required to sign the Boundless Event Waiver when you check-in at the event.
  • Age Limit: Our play party events are 18+ events.

Event Cancellation, Transfers, and Refund Policy

Boundless is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and production of our events requires that we put down deposits in advance with our vendors to be able to make this event happen. Please ensure that you fully understand our Ticket Cancellation, Transfer, and Refund Policy when you choose to attend this event.

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Boundless Presents "Mardi Gras"
Private Venue,Oakland,CA
Starting on
February 25, 2023
Ending on
February 25, 2023
Join us for an evening of kink and karnival, a night of hedonism and pleasure, long remembered. We encourage you to drape yourselves in our theme of purple, gold, and green. Be you beaded or bedazzled, you must be street legal before stripping in. Masks and manicals, doms, dungeons and doubloons. Be bold with your bawdy bead bartering! Our Mardi Gras celebration will stir the soul of February.
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February 25 @ 7:00 pm PST
February 26 @ 12:00 am PST
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Private Venue
Oakland, CA 94606 United States


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