Boundless Virtual Pre-Party Orientation for “A Taste of Kink”

Virtual Class via Zoom

Whether you are a first-time attendee to a Boundless Play Party, or have been to many of our events, we welcome you to join us for this virtual pre-party and new-comer orientation for the Taste of Kink Play Party.


The Paradox of Polyamory and Power Exchanges with Marcia Baczynski

Virtual Class via Zoom

Combining consensual nonmonogamy and D/s relationships can seem contradictory, but can lead to new ways of playing with passion and power. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn three frameworks to help you make sense of your negotiated non-monogamous and D/s relationships, hear perspectives to help you clarify your own relationship priorities, and discover resources to guide you in your own explorations.


Ethical Domination: Doing Good, While Being Bad with Miss Nyxie

Virtual Class via Zoom

This class is targeted towards those who are new to kink and BDSM, and whom identify as dominants or tops, but is open to all. We will discuss the role of the Dominant in D/s scenes ranging from casual play to ongoing relationships, and how best to create meaning in play with partners