Boundless: Sacramento Happy Hour (December 2023)

Players Sports Pub & Grill 4060 Sunrise Boulevard, Fair Oaks, CA, United States

We're dedicating the December Boundless Happy Hour to National Noodle Ring Day which is celebrated on December 11. It's also the last happy hour of the year and just in time to celebrate the holidays with your friends. Don't forget that SpaghettiOs really do make the perfect gift.


Boundless: In-Person Oakland Happy Hour (December 2023)

Mad Oak Bar ‘N’ Yard 135 12th Street, Oakland, CA, United States

You're looking as fine as Amazon Prime -- free shipping that is. What’s not to love about National Free Shipping Day held this year on December 14?  So get yourself on out to the Boundless Happy Hour and lets celebrate together. Pay only for what you actually buy, and let someone else handle the extra costs (or have them buy you a drink).