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Our Mission

Boundless exists to create and nurture a diverse, inclusive, and safe community where people are free to express love, intimacy, and connection through kink-focused activities.

Our vision

Our vision is to offer education and events that foster personal growth and interpersonal connection for our community, and to collaborate with other organizations that share our values.

Our values

Boundless strives to embody integrity, service, education, inclusion, diversity and consent, and to exhibit these values in everything that we do.

Born Out of Community

The concept of Boundless came from another invitation-only, kinky camping event that our founder was part of. After a number of years helping organize that event, Daddy James founded the Boundless Events organization in 2015 as a way to serve for broader Northern California kink community by producing an annual camping retreat. 

In the each of the following years, the Boundless Retreat and community continued to grow. Boundless soon started hosting happy hours and munches to allow for the community to gather to get to know each other, and grow the friendships and bonds that were established during the retreat. 

Like many others organizations, the onset of the COVID pandemic was a difficult challenge for the Boundless organization and our community.  However, through innovation and creativity Boundless began offering our educational classes virtually in July of 2020 – which has expanded our outreach. Now that the COVID pandemic has lessened in 2022, Boundless was able to restart the Boundless Retreat, and our Play Parties as well.

Coming Soon The Boundless Retreat

What We Do

Our educational classes and social events provide individuals the opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth within the realm of Kink, in order to help them find and build community, and strengthen their own interpersonal connections.

Boundless Classes and Education

educational classes

We organize educational classes, discussion groups, and skill sharing opportunities that allow individuals to learn more in the areas of Consent, Human Sexuality, Relationship Formats, Communication, and other BDSM and Kink topics.

Boundless Community Events

community building

We organize events that look to create opportunities for members of the BDSM, Kink, and Sex Positive communities to come together in safe and non-sexual environments to make new connections and build their own communities.

Boundless Play Parties

PLAY events

We organize the Boundless Retreat and other play party events which allow members of the Boundless community to gather in safe, consensual environment to explore their own sexuality and desires. Relax Play Bond

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