Boundless Photography & Videography

A brief note about photography and videography at the Boundless Retreat and Play Parties.

The staff at these events include a staff photographer. This individual is an artist who is very excited at the prospect of recording anyone who wants to be immortalized on film; they will be available for anyone who wants to be photographed. If you want photos of your group or your scene, please contact and negotiate with the photographer in person at the event.

Aside from the staff photographer, there will be NO photography or video recording in public places. The use of personal cell phone cameras in any space is prohibited. All personal cell phone cameras will have their lenses (front and back) taped and must remain taped for the duration of the event in any public space. The use of personal cameras in any space to take photos or video during these can result in expulsion from the event.

To respect our culture of privacy, do not tag photos for use on social media, for example “here I am @Boundless Retreat!” What that does is encourage others to do the same, and they might not be aware of our necessary privacy policies.

If you post any photo on any social media account, you must have the consent from everyone in the photo (whether they are identifiable or not) to do so before posting the photo.

Contact the Conduct Committee
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Conduct Committee at at any time.