Boundless & The Bloom Community

Boundless is excited to announce that we are collaborating with the Bloom Community app to help our community connect.

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Be Boundless on the Bloom Community App

Bloom is a new social app with a strong consent culture that helps people meet around events. We invite you to download the Bloom app and join Boundless to not only see and connect with people that are attending our events, but to connect and chat with other like-minded people.


Boundless Retreat - Relax. Play. Bond
Boundless Events - Relax • Play • Bond
Boundless Retreat - Relax. Play. Bond

Getting Started with Bloom

To start connecting with others, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the Bloom Community app with referral code “Boundless”
  2. Follow Boundless Events to see and join all of our upcoming events
  3. 💜  the people on the list who you’d like to connect with.
  4. When the 💜  is mutual, you’ll be notified and can chat via the app.
  5. Check back to see who joins after you!

We hope that this new community feature allows all of us to stay a little more connected as we begin to emerge from the last two years and reconnect with our community.