Midori's Pervertables Challenge

Join us on Tueday, December 12, 2023 

Pervertables are everyday vanilla items repurposed to serve as wickedly delicious kink toys. In this presentation by Midori, you will learn to develop your devious creativity and perv tool improvisation skills. And play the game of ’stump the presenter’ with Midori’s “Pervertables Challenge.”

Our Programs

Boundless produces and offers educational classes, social events and play parties that foster personal growth and interpersonal connection for our community. Through these events, people are free to express love, intimacy, and connection through kink-focused activities.

Boundless Classes and Education

educational classes

The Boundless educational classes, discussion groups, and skill sharing opportunities allow individuals to learn more in the areas of Consent, Human Sexuality, Relationship Formats, Communication, and other BDSM and Kink topics.

Boundless Community Events

community building

We organize events that look to create opportunities for members of the BDSM, Kink, and Sex Positive communities to come together in safe and non-sexual environments to make new connections and build their own communities.

Boundless Play Parties

play parties

We organize the Boundless Retreat and other play parties throughout the year which allow members of the Boundless community to gather in safe, consensual environment to explore their own kinks, sexuality, and desires.


Here are the upcoming Boundless events from from the Boundless Events Calendar. We hope to see you at at one of our upcoming events. Registrations and RSVPs can now be made directly from our website.

2023 Boundless Instructor in Residence - Midori


Boundless is delighted to announce that Midori has been named the 2023 Boundless Instructor in Residence. She is a pioneering educator who has impacted kink culture and the destigmatization of consensual play since the early 1990s. Awarded the Humanitarian Award by the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), she educates and writes for the general public and media, as well as creating educational curriculums for mental health professionals. 

The Instructor in Residence works closely with Boundless to create, curate, and facilitate accessible and exceptional education. Midori will advise Boundless on its educational offerings for her year of residency, including the Boundless annual retreat, virtual courses, and in-person workshops. She will be presenting several exciting classes at the boundless Annual retreat and virtual classes throughout her year of residency.


Boundless Events

Kink teaches us to go deep and be brave in exploring our curiosity, pleasures, vulnerabilities, and strengths, and honor one another through practicing mutual respect, clear communication, and enthusiastic consent. Kink opens wide our hearts, minds, and bodies and invites greater breadth in our play, deeper intimacy, and a better understanding of who we each are.

Kink also teaches us resiliency, and for the last two years, we all were put to the test. Loss, isolation, uncertainty were ever-present, sometimes overwhelmingly so, and yet, we continue to persevere. We’re still here, the Boundless community—our community—your community.


Boundless is a registered 501(c)3 organization dedicated to educating on topics of human sexuality, BDSM, and kink. Boundless exists to create and nurture a diverse, inclusive, and safe community where people are free to express love, intimacy, and connection through kink-focused activities.

Our Educational Classes, Community Events, and Play Parties provide opportunities to foster personal growth, and interpersonal connection for our community within the realm of kink.


While our events are things we produce, everything that we do is really in service to, and about, YOU—the Boundless Community. We are Boundless. You are Boundless.

We’re here, and we sure are glad you’re here as well to Relax, Play, and Bond. See you soon!

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