Relax • Play • Bond

A four-day intimate kink retreat at a beautiful secluded resort just north of San Francisco.

Boundless provides a unique experience that brings together people from every corner of the BDSM, leather, and the sex-positive worlds; providing both the intimacy of a party with friends and the opportunity to get to know new people over the course of a few days. Boundless is a place where you can arrive as strangers and leave belonging to new community. That’s why we say, Relax, Play, Bond.

All experience levels, kinks, fetishes, sex positive attitudes, genders, and orientations are welcome; there is no such thing as “not being kinky enough”. Kink is a state of mind.


Boundless is a quick ~2.5 hour journey from the Bay Area. Either stay in one of the group lodges or camp under the stars.

Play Spaces

Dedicated indoor and outdoor play spaces for your use. Feel free to have a scene on the lawn or the provided dungeon equipement.


Located in an exclusive 260 acre private valley with a two-story lodge for dining and rest, a 2,400 sq ft dungeon space, swimming pool, and hot tub.

Food & Dining

All meals are catered on site including omnivore and vegetarian options at all meals. Snacks provided throughout the day.


One of the things that makes an event of this type so special is that we are free to be people we may not be able to show to the outside world. Part of what makes this work is that we all agree to keep confidence about what happens this weekend. Whatever you see here, stays here.

Community Contract

We want Boundless to be something new, something that, from the ground up, represents a small revolution in intimacy, trust, and respect. The foundation of that creation is one rule that should inform everything you do and see at our event: Don’t be a jerk.


You have been PERSONALLY invited to participate. One of the biggest manifestations of Respect and Reciprocity is participating in the necessary work of this event. There is no reason to be heroic in your efforts, just pay attention to the space around you, and own it. It is simultaneously yours, mine, and ours!