Relax • Play • Bond

A four-day intimate kink retreat at a beautiful secluded resort just north of San Francisco.

“Diverse group, wonderful community—everything felt very safe, welcoming, accepting and celebratory—amazing weekend.”

Boundless provides a unique experience that brings together people from every corner of the BDSM, leather, and the sex-positive worlds; providing both the intimacy of a party with friends and the opportunity to get to know new people over the course of a few days. Boundless is a place where you can arrive as strangers and leave belonging to new community. That’s why we say, Relax, Play, Bond.

All experience levels, kinks, fetishes, sex positive attitudes, genders, and orientations are welcome; there is no such thing as “not being kinky enough.” Kink is a state of mind.


Limited number of tickets, get yours now!

Boundless is a 4 day (Friday noon to Monday morning), 3 night, all inclusive, fully catered event. There is group lodging, RV, and tent camping under the trees, great food, real showers and bathrooms, classes/workshops, a large relaxing hot tub, a refreshing shaded swimming pool, plus hiking around the beautiful grounds. And unlike an event in a big city, we have this secluded resort all to ourselves.



  • Full retreat weekend (Friday to Monday)
  • Fully catered meals
  • Pool and hot tub access
  • Real bathrooms and hot showers
  • Classes, Workshops, and Events
  • Indoor/outdoor play spaces
  • Tent or RV camping (see rates for vehicle camping)

Classes, Workshops, and Events – Boundless 2018

Sex Bondage

All techniques taught in this workshop are focused on the intent of you engaging your partner SEXUALLY while restrained. Learn a variety of easy-to-tie rope bondage techniques that are perfect for quick, comfortable, and secure immobilization. Bound body positions covered include: chest down ass-up, face-down and face-up spread eagles, flat-back suspended legs (by ankles), wrist-to thigh and ankle ties, wrist-to-wrist ties, and more!

Couples recommended. Please bring two 10-foot and one 20 to 30-foot lengths of soft cotton, nylon, or hemp rope.

Domination Bondage

Learn rope bondage and body handling techniques that are GREAT for BDSM scenes! All ties and control moves focus on strict, quick, unquestionable compliance. Subjects covered include: the principles of escape proof bondage, mind and body submission, handling bratty and squirmy bottoms, the concepts of ‘pre-action’ versus ‘reaction’ based dominance, the creation of a ‘control space’, the mindset of dominance, and (of course) lots of firm ties!

Couples recommended. Please bring two 10-foot and one 20 to 30-foot lengths of soft cotton, nylon, or hemp rope.

The Tao of Flogging

This workshop shows beginners as well as experienced Tops how to develop a more fluid and spiritual flogging technique. Tao is the Chinese word for “the way” and, in simple terms means finding the natural flow or dance. In the workshop, Master Hines will cover the basic techniques of flogging and then demonstrate how to translate these techniques into fluid movements that can be used for sensual as well as heavy flogging scenes. In addition he will cover:

  • Dynamic practice techniques
  • The importance of breath awareness
  • Monitoring the bottom and
  • Using music to help develop your style

At the break, the audience is encouraged to practice the techniques learned and ask questions.

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt – Painless S/M

So, you like S/M but you are not into pain and you are definitely not a masochist. What to do? Well, come learn how all S/M toys can be used to give pleasure without pain. Canes, paddles, floggers, whips can all be used lightly and sensually and stll give the bottoms great pleasure and fun. Not all bottoms are masochists and not all Tops are sadists. Master Hines will teach Tops how to use toys sensuously without pain and show bottoms what S/M play looks and feels like without pain. The workshop will also cover how to be playful and combine fun and laughter in your scenes.

Body Faming: How to Find and Feel Yes with your Body

Using exercises that flex the muscles of all five senses, we will explore what an enthusiastic yes looks, sounds, feels, smells, and tastes like in order to experience a whole body yes. Be prepared with something to write with and to write on. A journal would be ideal so that these writings can be saved for later. Bring a blindfold. Please, no deodorants or perfumes of any kind, not even strongly scented soaps/body wash.

The Pleasures of Pegging for Beginners

The Wonderful World of Pegging! From fears and misconceptions, through prostate physiology and health, to keeping clean and staying safe, we will cover all the basics, including initial anal exploration, foreplay, best positions for beginners and best lube! You will leave this class with the information you need to begin your pegging adventure, as well as a feel for why pegging is an extraordinary activity to add to your sexual treasure chest of choices, and why couples who try it so often experience deeper intimacy and an unexpected surge (or resurgence) of passion.

Boundless Presenter - Rig Daddy

Rig Daddy


The Dirty Talk Game Show

The Dirty Talk Game Show pits four naughty-tongued panelists say just the right naughty thing, before the other panelists steal the clock and finish it up right.

In turn each naughty panelist is given a topic to talk about for sixty seconds without repeating themselves, pausing too long, or deviating from the subject (They can be deviants, they just can’t deviate from the subject). If they do any of that, the other panelists pounce and steal the timer and finish it out. The winner with the most naughty points will be crowned the Filthiest Mouth of Boundless 2018!

Boundless Presenter – Mina & Mina's Bitch

Dom-Mina and Mina’s Bitch

Getting to the Point: The Basics of Play Piercing / Needle Play

Whether you are new and curious when it comes to all things sharp and pointy, or a veteran at turning your friends into pincushions, we will go over the basics of supplies and where to find them as well as safety and technique. We will practice on consenting inanimate objects but feel free to bring your own living pincushion or volunteer your services as a needle slut. Objectives include:

  • Introduction to Needle Play
  • Overview of Safety*
  • Hands on practice with an inanimate stunt bottom

* Please note all practitioners of bloodplay are encouraged to take a Bloodborne Pathogens Certification course prior to beginning to play on humans. These are available online from the Red Cross and other providers.

Hot, Slick, and Smooth – Intro to Vintage Razors

Join Raven Darknights for a scintillating talk on straight edge and vintage razors. You’ll learn what to look for to purchase, about their care and maintenance, get ideas and guidance for setting the scene, as well as sharpening and shaving techniques for both men and women. Change your razor, change your life and create a new morning ritual.


Painting a verbal picture to entice and arouse your partner takes skill and practice! MsMadyson will bring her decades of experience as a phone sex operator turned pro-Domme and her deep love for erotic conversation as she gives you an extensive verbal toolkit to draw from. Those who use phone or video calls to keep in sexy contact with long-distance partners, cam workers, and anyone who simply wants to add some verbal flair to their kink scenes are encouraged to attend! MsMadyson can spin a tale of your dark desires and deep fantasies for hours, and she’ll share these skills to help you live out elements of your sexual desire with your kink. The class will also explore:

  • Soft limits – How to push them
  • Hard limits – How to negotiate the effects of them
  • Triggers – How to work with them and overcome basic triggers that do not require a therapist

Urethral Sounding: A Fantastic Journey of Sensations & Energy Exchange

Male urethral sounding is an often-overlooked type of kink play. Highly immersive for both top and bottom, this workshop will show many of the sounds play options that are possible – and how to do them safely. A wide array of urethral sounds, dilators and plugs will be available for you to see and observe in action.

Energetically joining play partners in the here and now, sounding provides a wide range of sensations – from gentle and soothing to toe-curling fantastic! This type of play also has the unique ability to produce sensations that are unavailable in any other types of kink play. We’ll show you why and how.

The workshop will be about 50% discussion and 50% demo.

Oral Sex 101: Something for Everyone

Love downstairs action? Are you a fan of the oral but want to increase your skill set? Or are you afraid you suck at sucking? This is the class for you, no matter what your experience level is!

Rain DeGrey, fan of all things oral, shares tips and techniques.

  • Multiple positions
  • Oral techniques for all genders
  • Power dynamics
  • Incorporating anal
  • Safer sex techniques
  • Conquering deep-throat

This class has it all!

Come prepared to learn and increase your oral skills in a fun, non-threatening environment. This pansexual class is opens to all genders and orientations, everyone is welcome!

2018 Events in the Works

Sploshing — Ever fantasized about being covered from head to toe in chocolate sauce, caramel, whipped cream and sprinkles? Don’t forget the cherry on top! Want to paint your partner’s naked body with peanut butter, pudding and pickle juice? Come have some slippery, sexy, sploshing fun!

Pornaoke — Does the thought of being tantalized and teased by members of the audience, while you sing, sound sexy and fun? Have you ever wanted to give a grinding, sexy lap dance while you belt out your favorite tune? Does singing make your heart happy? It doesn’t matter what your pleasure is, just come sing!!!

Carnal Carnival — Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, all or none of the above! Win prizes and test your skills at the dildo ring toss, pony races, human piñata, and more!

XXXstatic Dance —  Move, dress (or undress), and dance how you want in a judgement-free environment. Elevate conscious freestyle dance to a sexy new level where consensual contact and arousal are encouraged. Let’s create an organic, orgasmic energy ball together!

Kinky Clothing & Toy Swap — Pack your lightly loved fetish gear, toys, and accessories to contribute to the swap table and find something new-to-you.


This is unlike any camping trip you’ve ever experienced. You will not be roughing it with the amenities we have to offer.

“The setting was wonderful. It was much more relaxing than being at a hotel convention. I liked the size of the group and how accessible the organizers were. I liked the diversity of the crowd.”

Maybe you’ll be in a tent. Perhaps you’ll enjoy the group lodging or a spot for your RV. So far that sounds like camping, but there’s so much more. Since this is a BDSM, kink get-a-way, we do have the 2,400 square foot indoor dungeon as well as acres of outdoor play spaces. This is all tucked away in an exclusive 260 acre private valley.

We’ve got several days of classes, workshops, and activities planned out for you. We’ve previously had Carol Queen, Cleo Dubois, Fakir Musafar, Sinclair Sexsmith, Robert Lawrence, Madison Young, and James Mogul as presenters and this year will include similar luminaries from the community. Several individuals are hosting mini-workshops on the lawn for small groups or one-on-one experiences. Saturday evening includes a thought-provoking ceremonial fire circle.

No need to bring food, you’ll be eating full catered meals while you stay with us. Both omnivore and veggie options, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snacks too!

Let’s not forget the huge swimming pool, large hot tub, and outdoor patio for relaxing. Those warm, sultry days are great for relaxing in the water. And, yes, of course it’s clothing optional.


Volunteer at the Boundless Campout!

Boundless is seeking helping hands for shifts during the campout weekend—greeters, parking, and hospitality crew to help attendees settle in, plus DMs and, to either side of the weekend, help with delivering and setting up/breaking down furniture.

Boundless relies on the strength of community and your generous hearts. Volunteering is easy, and great fun—you’ll make deeper connections that enrich your campout experience. For more info, please contact us at

Become even more connected to the Boundless community, and take pride in facilitating a successful, exciting weekend!

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