The 2023 Boundless Retreat


The Boundless Retreat is a four day / three night intimate kinky camping event that is held annually at a beautiful, secluded resort just a few hours North of San Francisco. The event brings together people and experiences from every corner of the kink world. Boundless embraces those who are new and curious, and those who may already be wise and experienced.


The Boundless Retreat, Aug 11-14, 2023

Camping Has Never Been So Much Fun

An Adventure Awaits

The Boundless Retreat is a kink centered camping event that creates an amazing space for exploration in a beautiful natural setting. The Boundless Retreat is an ever-evolving event where we work to foster a culture of consent, and to bring the entire spectrum of kink and sexuality together so that you can Relax, Play, and Bond with one another.

Imagine a place where you can be truly free to explore whatever your heart desires. We have created a space where you can be boundless and explore your kinks, your sexuality, and feel welcomed and empowered to be your most authentic self.

At the Boundless Retreat, the adventure is yours to create.

Throughout the year, Boundless strives to expand education in kink and sexuality. During the Retreat, we provide you the freedom and venue to explore and practice the things that you’ve learned. If you have an open mind, and a willingness and desire to explore your own sexuality, then Boundless is the place for you.

We welcome and invite all walks of life to come and experience Boundless: singles, couples, triads, leather families, all sexual orientations, and genders.

The Boundless Retreat - Relax • Play • Bond



Clothing optional yoga at sunrise.
Learning new skills to improve your kink knowledge and enhance your relationships.
Relaxing in a hammock for an afternoon nap.
Participating in “Shock Collar” Games and fun workshops
Playing in an outdoor dungeon on a warm summer night.
Naked hot tubbing by starlight.
Amenities like catered meals and hot showers.
All in a forest meadow away from the constant noise of everyday life.

These are only a few of the things that await you at The Boundless Retreat

Unlimited Playtime

Well Stocked Dungeons

The Boundless Retreat has several dungeons to choose from when bringing your scenes to life. Our indoor dungeon is 2,400 sq. ft. of space filled with your favorite heavy duty equipment, such as multiple crosses, spanking benches, suspension rigs, and cages. If that isn’t enough, we have an outdoor, poolside dungeon, and an entire nature area where your play is only limited by your imagination.

Delicious Food

catered meals

We’re confident in saying that you’ve never eaten so well when camping. The Boundless Retreat provides catered meals for its attendees, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the retreat. Our meals have delicious, mindful options for most any dietary preference, and include a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables.

Enjoy Your Time With Friends

Grow Your community

We offer several activities created to expand your network of like minded folks with speed dating, sobriety groups, mocktail mixers, cigar and whiskey socials, and clothing exchanges complete with fashion shows.

Improve YOUR Kinky self

Education & skill sharing

The Boundless Organizers put together a fantastic lineup of kink demos and educational opportunities for a broad range of common and more unique kinks. Attend a workshop, practice new skills, learn something to add to your personal skill set in a comfortable environment where curiosity is encouraged.

Choose how you spend your days

Activities & Events

It’s up to you what you do with your time at the retreat. While we offer many activities, none are mandatory. You’re free to enjoy the space at your own pace and comfort level. We hope you’ll stretch yourself to have new experiences and make new connections but this is a no-pressure environment!

It’s Not Wilderness Camping


We’ve picked our venue specifically because it offers us the use of so many spaces and provides well tended facilities with many amenities. You have options such as tent camping, RV parking, car camping, tent cabins, shared cabins, and dorm style rooms. You may enjoy eating indoors or on the lodge patio al fresco. Showers are available 24 hours a day and there are flush toilets.

We furnish play spaces with safer sex supplies and drinking water is always available. You may also enjoy sex-free sanctuary spaces, a littles play space, boot blacking services, and shop with our specially curated vendors.


What People are Saying

The Boundless Retreat - 5 Stars

“Boundless is My New kinky Home”

I was so excited to find Boundless after moving to California mid-pandemic. The Boundless Retreat is my new kinky home. There is nothing better than kinky camping in the woods.

The Boundless Retreat - 5 Stars

“Laid back and welcoming”

“I loved how laid back it was and everyone was so relaxed and welcoming. It was surprising how fast that retreat became a normal, comfortable environment to exist in and play in at any comfort level.”

The Boundless Retreat - 5 Stars

“the attendees create the scene”

“There were many great moments, but the most memorable was the witch-whipping scene. I loved how nearly the entire camp was involved and that it was a scene organized by two attendees rather than the event itself.”
The Boundless Retreat - 5 Stars

“Even solo, I had a wonderful time”

“I loved that people were so damned welcoming! I was flying solo. I had a few prior connections with people who came, but only minimal connections, and yet I had a wonderful, wonderful time”

2023 Boundless Retreat - Aug 11-14, 2023








Tickets Now ON Sale

August 11-14, 2023

The Boundless Retreat takes place at a private venue, just a short car ride from San Franscisco or Sacramento.

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