newbies and solo participants, yes!


“Newbies and solo participants are always welcome at Boundless.”


Newbies and solo participants are very welcome at Boundless Events.

The thought of coming out to an event where you are either new and don’t know anyone, or are coming by yourself into a new community can be an overwhelming and scary thought for a lot of people.

At any of the Boundless events—whether that is the Boundless Retreat, our Happy Hours, or Community Picnics—we try to be as welcoming as we can. All of our events will have members from the Organizing team present, or have members from our Conduct and Care team available. At our parties and the Retreat we also have volunteers available to help with greeting our guests.

However, there are a number of things you should be aware of that are your responsibility when coming to a Boundless event.

  •  All participants are required to carefully read the Boundless Consent Policy, Code of Conduct, and Tips for Successful Negotiation, that can be found on this website.
  • All attendees should have realistic expectations about finding new play partners.  Like any other sexually open venue, there is no guarantee that you will find someone to play with.  Much of this will depend on your ability to meet, clearly communicate, and negotiate with potential partners. There are many opportunities to meet and get to know others, both friends and potential play partners.  For example: during or after classes, in the hot tub or pool area, at mealtimes, etc.  Notice that these are all outside of actual play times or areas.
  • Everyone is welcome to come into a play area, but no one should intrude on a scene already in play.  Treating every scene and the players within each scene with respect is extremely important. While you may possibly negotiate an encounter with a new partner inside a play space, it is usually better to meet and negotiate in a neutral space.

Your Own Level of experience is important, too.

When you are coming to one of the Boundless events, it is important to know your own experience levels with Kink and BDSM activities, and to communicate and negotiate with others to play up to your level of experience.

Boundless offers opportunities to learn basic skills and hone your current skill sets. Whether you are new to Boundless, BDSM, or public play, it is important to play safely at all times.  Knowing your partner’s hard and soft limits is crucial, and both parties are responsible for adhering to them at all times during play.

The Importance of Aftercare

Another critical concept is aftercare. This is time spent with your play partner to cuddle, talk, debrief and/or “come down” from the play you engaged in. Boundless considers aftercare support important, and provides a space designed for aftercare, cuddling, and reflective activity.

Boundless is a fun-filled event with amazing participants.  It is great place to learn about yourself, experience BDSM-related play and to meet other sex-positive, open-minded people. To this end, we at Boundless hope you truly enjoy your time with us.

Newbies and Solo Participants, Yes!
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Newbies and Solo Participants, Yes!
“Stop saying you’re not kinky. Just because you don’t think you are doesn’t mean you’re not.”
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